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It's simple. Whether you're making a home, building a business or hitting the highway, you want to know you're prepared ... and protected. So we've gathered easy-to-understand answers to unusually tricky topics in one place. (Warning: plain English ahead.) Just our small way of doing something we love – uncomplicating life.

  1. Monica Wilkens and IBA Hot 100 Award Logo

    Monica Wilkens named to IBA 2019 Hot 100

  2. fundraising announcement toast

    Digital insurance broker Mylo announces $28M funding

  3. frozen pipe

    5 tips to fight frozen pipes

  4. semitruck

    Workers’ Comp or Occ/Acc: what’s right for your trucking business?

  5. auto insurance term definition info

    Auto Insurance: A Mylo Road Map

  6. cyber insurance

    Cyber insurance? But I'm not a big tech firm!

  7. BOP business owners policy insurance

    When should I shop for a BOP?

  8. holiday apps

    7 apps to make your holidays easier (and save you money!)

  9. road trip auto insurance vacation insurance

    3 insurance tips for your holiday road trip

  10. Best Place to Work in business insurance

    Lockton (and Mylo) named a Best Place to Work (again)!

  11. homeowners insurance home maintenance water damage

    Is your ice maker worse than an ice storm?

  12. Monica Wilkens Techweek100 2018 award

    Monica Wilkens and Mylo make the Techweek100 (2 years running!)

  13. why workers comp?

    Workers' Comp - what's in it for me?

  14. Dejargonizer: Guaranteed issue

    Dejargonizer: Guaranteed Issue

  15. Health Insurance plan definition

    5 questions to ask before choosing a health plan

  16. health insurance news affordable care act

    10 (good!) surprises about health insurance

  17. health insurance infographic tips open enrollment

    6 tips for smooth (surprise-free!) health insurance shopping

  18. dejargonizer high-risk pool plan joke

    Dejargonizer: High-risk pool plan

  19. health care terms definitions

    We decode health care so you don’t have to!

  20. life insurance guide

    Mylo's quick guide to life insurance

  21. green your business

    5 ways to protect the planet (and your profits)

  22. mylo insperity partnership enhances workforce acceleration solution

    Mylo announces relationship with Insperity

  23. insurance floater coverage dejargonizer

    Insurance Dejargonizer: Floater

  24. green insurance ecocoverage

    6 ways green insurance is good for your wallet

  25. lockton insurance j.d. power award

    Lockton awarded for business insurance customer satisfaction...again!

  26. commercial trucking insurance tips

    Protect what matters: Commercial trucking insurance

  27. how to choose a mechanic

    3 questions to ask before choosing a mechanic

  28. Business startup

    5 questions to start with ... before you start up a business

  29. auto home insurance bundle

    Should you bundle Home and Auto insurance? (Yes and no.)

  30. current liquidity dejargonizer

    Insurance Dejargonizer: Current Liquidity

  31. road trip auto insurance vacation insurance

    3 insurance tips for your Labor Day road trip

  32. home insurance infographic

    Some homework required: Homeowners insurance infographic

  33. computer theft cyber insurance

    Someone stole my work computer!

  34. llc insurance

    Wait! Doesn’t my LLC already protect me?

  35. qualifying life events health insurance

    Health insurance options when life changes

  36. car insurance rates rising

    Why does my car insurance keep going up?

  37. legalzoom insurance partner

    Mylo and Lockton announce partnership with “people and technology” innovator LegalZoom

  38. soft pull insurance dejargonizer

    Insurance Dejargonizer: Soft Pull

  39. home insurance comparison

    Home insurance isn't apples to apples

  40. professional liability insurance

    Professional Liability insurance? But I do good work!

  41. driverless shuttle buses

    Paving the way for driverless vehicle coverage

  42. attractive nuisance dejargonizer

    Insurance Dejargonizer: Attractive Nuisance

  43. evaluate business insurance

    5 times you should reevaluate your business insurance

  44. ABDs of Medicare info

    ABDs of Medicare

  45. health savings accounts consumer directed coverage

    Beyond health insurance: consumer-directed coverage

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