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  • Motorcycle owners: Take advantage of safety discounts that can lower your rate

  • RV owners: Handle the legal costs if someone is injured around your parked RV

  • Trailer owners: Get covered for damage to your trailer while it’s at your home

Every vehicle is different! Mylo can give you a customized recommendation.

Fast facts about insuring your vehicle
You can insure your RV for when you're on the road ... and also for when you're parked on vacation.
You're extra vulnerable to motorists who may not have enough insurance to cover damages to your bike ... or to you. Ask a licensed Mylo agent about uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage.
Depending on your policy, your trailer may be covered under specific circumstances (ask a licensed Mylo agent). But you'll still need coverage for when you hit the road.
The right coverage? Surprisingly simple.