Health insurance options when life changes

The future of health insurance may be uncertain these days. But good news – you can enroll in a health care plan right now as long as you’ve had what’s known as a Qualifying Life Event.

Open Enrollment for 2019 coverage ended on December 15, 2018. But you can still enroll in a health plan at any time of the year as long as you've had a Qualifying Life Event.

Untangling the terminology, a Qualifying Life Event is a significant change that shakes up your health insurance needs. If your world has been rocked by any of the following, you may be eligible:

  • Losing health coverage
  • Changing your household income
  • Moving to another county or zip code
  • Getting married
  • Losing dependent status
  • Getting divorced or separated
  • Having a baby or adopting a child
  • Changing immigration status

Not sure if your event qualifies? A licensed Mylo agent can help you easily sort it out. And even if you don’t qualify to enroll in health insurance right now, there are other options that could be right for you until Open Enrollment kicks in again:

Small Group Health

If you own a small business, you may qualify to offer health insurance benefits that can save you and your employees money. You can offer a major medical plan with supplemental coverages or a simple standalone plan. If you work for a small business, ask what health coverage options may be available to you.

Accident insurance

Covers your medical and non-medical expenses – even lost wages – after an injury.

Short Term Medical

Covers you for as little as 30 days and up to 12 months for unexpected accidents and injuries. These plans can now be renewed for up to 3 years but do not provide comprehensive coverage.


If you’re over 65, you may qualify to enroll in Medicare. Enrollment periods vary, so give us a call.

Bottom line? Having a health plan helps you look out for yourself and your family – while taking the sting out of high health care costs.

No matter what direction health insurance is headed, Mylo will keep a close watch and keep you informed.

And if you’re qualified to enroll right now, our licensed advisors will guide you through the maze … and straight to a decision you can trust.

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Beyond health insurance

When checking out health insurance, you’ll want to keep additional ways of paying in mind – like tax-free savings accounts. So we created a handy cheat sheet to help you know all your options.

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  1. Business

    Get a custom consultation on affordable coverage tailored to you. Only pay for what you need (nothing more, nothing less).

  2. Health

    Mylo takes the tricky out of choosing a health plan, guiding you to the right coverage for you and your budget.

  3. Home

    Whether house or condo, protect your castle by letting Mylo’s experts guide you to a sweet home insurance plan.

  4. Auto

    However you roll, Mylo protects your vehicle … with a special discount for bundling auto and home coverage together.

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