"C" - Coverage for Transported Equipment

Oddball name, awesome coverage! Inland Marine insurance helps business owners look out for valuable equipment or property they transport on land (such as by truck or train). If it’s damaged, lost or stolen along the way, Inland Marine compensates them.

What kind of business may need Inland Marine?

  • Photographers transport expensive cameras, lenses, lighting equipment and props to shoots

  • Landscapers transport pricey lawn mowers, fertilizing equipment or even snow plows to sites

  • Caterers transport vital cooking and food preparation equipment to events – along with foods they prepared somewhere else

  • Your business may be taking a risk you haven’t even thought about!

But okay, the big question: why “Inland Marine”? It's a spinoff of “Ocean Marine" insurance, offered as early as the 17th century to compensate companies for goods shipped by sea that fell prey to storms, pirates and other maritime misfortunes.

Today, you’re more likely to use the highway or railway. Inland Marine is the right way to be prepared.

Does your growing business transport equipment you depend on across land? Mylo can help you find the best price on the right Inland Marine policy. A licensed Mylo advisor can’t wait to help you out.

When should I shop for a BOP?

It's a money-saving combo of 3 types of coverage recommended for business owners. (Plus, it's fun to say. We won't judge.)

Can I afford employee benefits?

You're building a healthy business. We'll help with the healthy employees.

Ready to untangle another tricky topic?

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