Why a floater? Your valuables don't always stay home

An affordable way to safeguard the prized possessions you carry with you.

Do you take valuables outside your home?

A floater is a helpful policy you can add to your home insurance that covers movable expensive items if they’re damaged, lost or stolen while they’re outside:

  • Jewelry, fur, watches & more: Replaces your item at full value – including a pair of earrings if one is lost

  • Wedding presents: Protects gifts that are being transported from a reception

  • Property you’re selling to someone else: Compensates you if your buyer stops making payments

There are many kinds of floaters that could be right for you. We can help you find the right policy at the best price!

Fast facts about home insurance floaters
Because it covers property that "floats" (moves from one place to another). Usually, a standard property policy covers your physical space and the things in it.
No, there are specific policies for each valuable. You can get floaters for fur, jewelry, fine arts, collectibles and more.
Let’s say you sold your car, boat or home to someone who’s making monthly payments to you – then wrecks the property and announces the deal’s off. This floater will reimburse what you’re still owed.
The right coverage? Surprisingly simple.