Why General Liability? Lawsuits happen.

Need a fast, easy way to be ready for lawsuits?

Commercial General Liability covers you for lawsuits in 3 key areas:

  • Continuing Operations: Injury or property damage that happens at your place of business or another place you're doing a job.

  • Products and Completed Operations: Injury or property damages caused by products you manufacture, distribute or sell - or work you've completed.

  • Personal & Advertising injury: Damages to individuals (invasion of privacy, wrongful eviction, false arrest etc.) + damages caused by your promotional content (libel, slander, copyright infringement etc.)

Mylo can help you compare a wide range of affordable policies from top carriers – and make the best decision for your business!

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Fast facts about Commercial General Liability:

  • Yes. You're covered while you're performing work for someone at their location – and even if things go wrong after your work there is completed.

  • Your coverage starts on the date the occurrence took place no matter how long it takes someone to bring the lawsuit.

  • Because of widespread digital access to just about everything, all types of businesses are more vulnerable than ever to claims of libel, slander, copyright infringement and more.

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