Why general liability? Lawsuits happen.

Be ready to handle the legal fallout if your business causes injury or damage to others.

Can your business afford to be sued?

The cost of a lawsuit can bankrupt a small business. General liability insurance covers you if you harm someone or damage their property with your:

  • Continuing operations: That means the work you regularly do. Do you install computers? That’s a “continuing op”

  • Products and completed operations: The products you sell or jobs you’ve finished. The computer you left behind is a “completed op"

  • Personal and advertising injury: Words and images used to promote your business. If another company claims you stole their copyrighted slogan, that’s an “advertising injury”

We'll help you save on the right general liability coverage for your business – or add it to a money-saving business owner’s policy.

Fast facts about general liability:
Yes. You're covered while you're performing work for someone at their location – and even if things go wrong after your work there is completed.
Your coverage starts on the date the occurrence took place no matter how long it takes someone to bring the lawsuit.
Because of widespread digital access to just about everything, all types of businesses are more vulnerable than ever to claims of libel, slander, copyright infringement and more.
The right coverage? Surprisingly simple.