"C" - Credit check that won't affect your score

If you’re shopping around for auto insurance (we highly approve, by the way!) you may wonder if you ought to worry when a company says they’ll be checking your “credit-based insurance score.”

The answer’s no. You have nothing to fear from a soft pull.

A soft pull inquiry is when a person or company checks your credit report as part of a background check. Whether it’s an employer vetting you for a job or a credit card company pre-approving you for an offer (or even you checking your own score), this type of search won’t lower your credit rating or ding your future credit prospects.

Your auto insurance company is checking for factors like bill payment and credit history that correlate with what kind of customer you’ll be. You can see their searches if you request your credit report from a major bureau – but loan officers can't.

(By the way, when you’re actually applying for credit, companies do a hard pull. You may want to stand back.)

Remember, it’s a good move to shop more than one auto insurance carrier when your current policy is about to expire … so you can take advantage of all the discounts you may not know about.

Soft pull or not, you should keep pushing for the best deal.

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