Your home is your castle.

Protect it with home insurance.

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Home-sweet-home coverage. (Emphasis on “sweet.”)

You’ve made a home for yourself. Nicely done. And that means favorite memories and cherished belongings. Mylo can help you protect where you live—and the things you love—with the right home insurance plan.

We may be able to help save you money if you bundle your home and auto coverage together. Plus, we can guide you to plans with discounts for big life events (like marriage or retirement) or for having protective devices like smoke detectors and security systems in your home.

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Some homework required.

Here’s a tip: before you shop for home insurance, it’s a good idea to gather the basics about your home before you chat with a Mylo licensed expert. For example:

Construction type | Is your house adobe, solid brick, brick & block, solid stone or other? Do you have siding? Is it wood or vinyl?

Foundation type | Do you have a basement? Is it finished, unfinished or partially finished? How about a crawlspace (or maybe your masonry is continuous?)

Heating system type | Do you stay warm with an electric, gas or hot water heating system? Do you use space heaters? Have you gone solar?

Roof type | Are you sheltered by wood shingles, composition shingles or composition over wood? Concrete or clay tile? Any copper, steel or tin?

Having these answers (and other basics about your home) on hand will help our friendly licensed expert guide you straight to the coverage you need.

Home insurance isn't apples to apples.

Keep in mind that not all home insurance policies are equal. These tips should help you sort out apples from oranges (and maybe avoid an occasional lemon):

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Mylo Insurance Compare Online

Feel (even more) at home with Mylo …

  1. Liability Protection

    You’re covered for personal injury or property damage to other people (whether caused by you, a family member … or even your pet.)

  2. Home and Auto Bundle

    Bundle your auto and home insurance together in one super convenient place and enjoy a discounted rate.

  3. Multi-Policy Discount

    More than one policy means even more savings. Mylo can help you make that happen.

  • Most policies cover the structure of your house or condo, personal belongings, liability protection and living expenses if you’re unable to live in your home due to a disaster.

  • Right away, you’re eligible for a discount when you bundle your home and auto coverage together. You can also get a discount for a big life event (like marriage or retirement), for having protective devices like smoke detectors and security systems in your home – and for being with the same employer for a certain number of years.

  • Yes. A homeowner has a different policy than a renter. Plans can vary, including how they cover liabilities and possessions. Mylo can sort out the right plan for your situation through our trusted partners. Our super friendly experts are just a call away!

Protecting what matters…means more than your home.

Home insurance is just the beginning. We can guide you to great policies from top-rated providers for your other important needs too. We’ve gathered together a wide range of affordable plans in one easy-to-navigate shop.

So now you can call off the hunt … and use your “you time” for you.

  1. AUTO

    However you roll, Mylo protects your vehicle … with a special discount for bundling auto and home coverage together.


    Get a custom consultation on affordable coverage tailored to you. Only pay for what you need (nothing more, nothing less).


    Cover all the things your landlord's insurance won't, from favorite belongings to legal costs – in one very affordable policy.


    Extra protection if you reach the limits of what your auto or home policies pay out or you're hit with legal claims they don't cover.