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Find the best price on coverage that all states require if you have company vehicles.

What commercial auto insurance do I need?

All states require you to carry commercial auto coverage if your company owns or leases vehicles. The right policy can:

  • Cover damages your vehicles cause to other people or their property
  • Cover damages to your vehicles ... whether or not your company is at fault
  • Cover damages caused by employees who drive their own cars on the job

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Fast facts about commercial auto insurance:
Yes. If your business owns or leases vehicles, you're required in all states to carry liability coverage for damages your vehicles may cause to other people or their property.
Liability covers damages your vehicles cause to other people or their property. Collision and comprehensive are options that cover damage to your vehicle by collision or anything else (hail, flood, even falling avocados.)
Yes. Non-owned vehicle insurance protects your business if employees cause damages while driving their own cars. (Pro tip: you could be held liable even if your employees aren't strictly on a "work" errand.)
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