Employee benefits? How can I afford them?

You’ve proven you can start up a business. (Nice work!) You may be wondering if you can afford to start up a group benefits program for your employees. Naturally you want to recruit and retain top talent for your growing company, but your cash flow may have other ideas.

Good news - you don’t need to start with full-on major medical insurance. You can roll out other important benefits that will boost morale without breaking the bank.


Fortunately, two of the most valuable coverages you can provide are also surprisingly affordable. Not only that, these coverages are least likely to be purchased by people on their own (and carriers often disqualify applicants). An employer-paid life and disability program can be a huge help to your employees if a worst case scenario comes along.


  • Helps your employees look out for their loved ones’ future
  • Pays for the immediate high costs of funeral, burial etc.
  • Cover ongoing expenses – mortgage, childcare, tuition etc.
Long-term disability
  • Helps employees with personal injuries or illnesses who can’t work for long periods
  • Employees receive a percentage of their monthly income
  • Reduces their risk of being wiped out financially

After major medical insurance, these coverages are the two most requested employee benefits. Here’s your chance to earn a lot of good will without a lot of investment. You can either offer them as voluntary benefits and pay nothing at all, or you can kick in a little money to lower your employees’ premiums. (For instance, pay $20 a month toward dental and $5 a month toward vision.)


  • Helps cover regular exams and cleanings
  • Can reduce costs of x-rays, fillings and more
  • May cover more expensive procedures
  • Helps pay for optometrist visits
  • Covers eye exams that screen for serious issues
  • May cover frames, lenses and contacts

Providing life and long-term disability – and offering a dental and vision plan – can help you stick to a budget while laying the groundwork for a comprehensive benefits program down the line. Keep on growing your company and looking out for your employees. When you’re ready for major medical, you’ll have the hang of this benefits thing … and Mylo can help with the rest!

No matter what kind of small group benefits you’re shopping for, our licensed benefits advisors will help you customize the right plan for your business … and find you the best value from multiple top carriers.

The right coverage for you? Surprisingly simple.