Stay professional when lawsuits come along.

Safeguard your stellar reputation if someone isn’t happy with your professional services.

Do you need professional liability insurance?

If you perform a professional service, you’re vulnerable to lawsuits from clients who are unhappy with your work. Professional liability helps you pay the legal bills. Be ready to handle claims that you:

  • Caused a client physical harm. A beautician’s client could have an allergic reaction to a hair dye

  • Caused a client to lose money. A financial planner’s client could buy a failing stock

  • Caused a client indirect harm. A web host’s client could have an online shop that goes down during a storm

Every profession is different – get a personalized recommendation on the best policy for you.

Fast facts about Professional Liability
General Liability covers complaints from people who were harmed (or their property damaged) because of your physical space or business operations – as well as complaints about your communications such as libel or copyright infringement. Professional liability covers complaints about the professional services you provide.
A client might sue you for not delivering what you agreed upon contractually – or claim your professional service caused injury, loss of earnings or other financial loss to them.
You'll still have to pay to defend your business, which can add up fast. Even if the claim against you is thrown out (or settled out of court), you'll need an attorney to file your paperwork and represent your business.
The right coverage? Surprisingly simple.