Rainy days? Try umbrella coverage.

Enjoy an extra level of protection for your home, savings and other valuable assets.

Does your family need an umbrella?

An umbrella is insurance for your insurance. If you cause a serious injury to someone on the road or in your home, your auto or home insurance may not be enough to cover all the legal bills.

Count on an umbrella for those rainy days when:

  • You’re held legally liable for damages caused to others by your car or home
  • You reach the limits of what your auto or home policies pay out

Without an umbrella, your savings and other financial assets could be at risk. Ask us to give you a whole extra level of protection!

Fast facts about umbrella coverage
No, it always covers another policy. For instance, if you don't carry auto insurance, you can't apply your umbrella coverage if you're held responsible for an accident.
No, it only covers you if you're sued for damages by someone else.
You may still face legal situations that aren't covered by your policy. For instance, if a non-family member without a driver's license takes your car for a joyride and injures others, your auto insurance may not cover it - but Umbrella could. A licensed Mylo agent can review what makes sense for you.
The right coverage? Surprisingly simple.