Rainy days? Try Umbrella coverage.

Enjoy an extra level of protection for your valuable business assets.

Don't put a limit on your success.

An umbrella is insurance for your insurance. If your company is hit with a big enough legal bill, you could reach the limits of your other coverage – but an umbrella will take over from there. In the event of a lawsuit, you’re shielded if you reach the limits of your:

  • General liability
  • Commercial auto
  • Workers’ Comp

Without an umbrella, your company’s savings and other financial assets could be at risk. Ask us to give you a whole extra level of protection!

Fast facts about commercial umbrella coverage:
Some types of businesses are more likely than others to reach the limits of their existing coverage. Your need may also vary based on your revenue and assets. A licensed Mylo agent can review the needs of your specific business and let you know if an umbrella makes sense.
No, it always covers another policy. For instance, if you don't carry commercial auto insurance, umbrella coverage cannot take its place if your business vehicle causes an accident.
Some additional situations include: 1) You're doing business internationally, and your existing policy limits your overseas protection 2) You enter into a contract with a customer, partner or vendor, and it requires umbrella coverage.
The right coverage? Surprisingly simple.