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Whether you’re heading to work, hitting the highway, or chauffeuring the kids to their million (and one) activities, you want peace of mind behind the wheel.

Mylo can steer you to the right auto insurance option for you. We’ll help you cover all the ways you roll, including motorcycle, ATV, RV or antique car.

We’ve been connecting people to top-rated policies for 50 years. Whatever coverage you’re looking for, it's easy — just check out our video.

And here’s one way we can accelerate your savings! When you bundle your auto and home insurance together, you get a special discounted rate.

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The right coverage is no accident.

It’s no fun to think about, but auto accidents can happen to anyone … even the most safety-conscious drivers. Mylo’s licensed insurance experts make sure you have the right coverage when bad stuff comes along:

Bodily Injury Liability and Property Damage Liability cover damages you may cause to other people or their property.

Collision Coverage covers your damages and repairs (minus your deductible) if you hit another car or object.

Comprehensive Coverage helps you out when your vehicle is stolen, vandalized or damaged by flood or fire.

You can also get coverage for bodily injury, medical payments and more. Whatever your needs, Mylo’s super friendly experts will clear the road for you.

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  • Auto insurance is mandatory in all states if you own or operate a vehicle, and protects you if you injure other people or damage property in an accident. It can also provide protection if your car is damaged in an accident or stolen.

  • Auto insurance covers a wide range of accidents, injuries and damages, and with certain coverage it can even protect assets like your home or retirement money. It can also cover repairs after theft, vandalism or natural disasters.

  • Yes. You may be eligible for a multi-policy discount if you have more than one insurance policy with the same carrier – or if you bundle Auto and Home together. We can also guide you to discounts for owning a newer car, having continuous insurance, getting a quote 15 or more days before your current policy expires – and more.

The road to peace of mind:

24 hour roadside assistance Mylo can connect you with a carrier who makes sure you’re not stranded if your vehicle breaks down.

Lifetime repair guarantee Mylo can find you coverage that guarantees repairs for any accidents covered by your policy … for as long as you own your vehicle!

Accident forgiveness Had your first accident after 5 years? Many carriers won’t raise your rates.

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Mylo Insurance Compare Online

Full speed ahead on more than just auto insurance.

We’ve gathered a wide range of affordable plans for all your important needs in one easy-to-navigate shop.

So now you can call off the hunt … and use your “you time” for you.

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    House or condo, protect your home without paying through the roof ... and save even more by bundling with auto.


    Get customized advice on coverage tailored to you. Only pay for what you need (nothing more, nothing less).


    Mylo takes the tricky out of choosing a health plan, guiding you to the right coverage for you and your budget.


    Before a curve ball comes along, Mylo’s expert guides can find you the coverage you need to stay in the game.