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The #1 reason to carry the right auto coverage?

It’s no fun to think about, but if you cause a serious accident and lose a lawsuit, you might have to raid:

  • Your savings
  • Your equity (home, property, valuables)
  • Your future earnings (yes, that happens)

Mylo's advisors work to save you money now - while looking out for your financial future too.

Fast facts about auto insurance
Auto insurance is mandatory in most states if you own or operate a vehicle. It provides valuable protection for you by protecting your savings and other valuable assets in the event of an accident that results in a big lawsuit.
LIABILITY coverage protects you if you injure other people or damage property in an accident. COMPREHENSIVE AND COLLISION covers the costs of repairing or replacing your own vehicle after damage or loss from theft, vandalism or natural disasters. UNDERINSURED/UNINSURED MOTORIST covers damages if you’re struck by someone with little or no insurance. (Other options could be right for you too.)
Yes! You can save by bundling your auto insurance with home insurance (and other policies) with the same carrier. You may also get a discount for being a safe driver or good student, for owning a newer car, having continuous insurance, getting a quote 15 or more days before your current policy expires – and more.
Depending on your preferences, you can choose to add 24 hour roadside assistance, a lifetime repair guarantee for any accidents covered by your policy, as well as other services to make your life easier (ask a licensed Mylo agent!)
The right coverage? Surprisingly simple.