Protect your healthy reputation with medical malpractice insurance
Stay professional when lawsuits come along.

Medical malpractice insurance protects you from the entire cost of defending against a lawsuit over your medical services or work. You’ll be able to handle:

  • Claims that you made the wrong diagnosis

  • Claims that you prescribed the wrong drug or dosage

  • Claims that you made a mistake during a treatment or surgery

Mylo can help you compare a range of affordable policies from top carriers – and make the best decision for your practice.

Fast facts about medical malpractice
General liability covers injuries or property damage caused by your physical space or business operations. Medical malpractice protects you from lawsuits related to the medical services you provide.
A patient might sue you for diagnosing their condition incorrectly, for recommending the wrong prescription drugs or treatments, or for mishandling a surgery.
You’ll still have to pay to defend your practice, which can add up fast. Even if a claim against you is thrown out (or settled out of court), you’ll need an attorney to file your paperwork and represent your practice.
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