Cyber insurance backs up your great reputation

Shopping for Cyber insurance?

Mylo can keep you in the game if network damage or a deliberate breach wipes out your data and threatens your stellar reputation. You can cover the costs of:

  • Rebuilding your network and replacing lost income
  • Sending notifications to customers, compensating their losses, and monitoring their credit reports (required in some states)
  • Handling crisis management and public relations
  • Paying regulatory fines and legal costs

Mylo's licensed advisors help you compare a wide range of affordable policies from top providers – and make the best decision for your business!

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Fast facts about Cyber insurance:

  • If your company handles protected information like medical data, you may have to pay regulatory fines that are sometimes in the five figures. Cyber insurance covers them. It also helps you notify customers, investigate what went wrong and make up for your lost income.

  • Unfortunately, business owners sometimes decide they have no choice but to pay up to get back online. Cyber insurance reimburses that. (You can head off this situation by backing up files, limiting employee access to sensitive info, keeping security settings up to date, and using safeguards recommended for your business.)

  • Cyber insurance can compensate your customers for identity theft or the mental anguish that may come from a cyber breach. But if they do decide to sue, you'll be able to afford it. And since it's crucial to rebuild their trust and respect, Cyber insurance can help you out with public relations and crisis management.

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