Why a floater? Your valuable property is going places.

An affordable way to safeguard the expensive equipment you carry with you.

Does valuable property leave your workplace?

A floater covers movable expensive items your property insurance won’t if they’re damaged, lost or stolen. What’s covered by a floater?

  • Movable business property: Replaces your item at full value – even if you don’t know what happened

  • Personal valuables: Compensates employees’ items that end up stolen

  • Installation of property: Covers damage or theft of property you’re installing for a customer

There are many kinds of floaters that could be right for your business. We’ll help you find the right policy at the best price.

Fast facts about Commercial Floaters
Because it covers property that "floats" (moves from one place to another). Usually, a standard property policy covers your physical space and the things in it.
It's a good idea if you regularly take expensive equipment outside (like a photographer on a shoot) or perform installation work at someone else's location – where your equipment or the property you're installing could get damaged.
Let's say you sold your industrial laser to someone who's making monthly payments to you but then wrecks the property and says the deal's off. An Installment Sales Floater reimburses what you're still owed.
The right coverage? Surprisingly simple.