NEW! Mylo psychic agents see the future of insurance

April 1, 2022 – Insurtech leader Mylo is always looking to the future to make sure customers are prepared and protected wherever life takes them. Today the digital agency announced they will enhance their predictive AI technology with an industry first: psychic agents who can meet the important needs their customers don’t even have yet.

Mylo’s trailblazing Psi Insurance division will be staffed with licensed insurance agents who have also completed rigorous extrasensory training at the prestigious Center for Corporate Clairvoyance in Sedona, Arizona.

How does it work? After a Mylo customer’s current needs are met, their Psi Advisor will ask, “Would you also be interested in a free precognitive consultation?”

Mylo’s paranormal professional will then remotely read the customer’s needs-to-be and recommend their upcoming coverage.

Examples from a successful trial launch in January:
  • “I see a glamorous stranger coming into your life. After a whirlwind romance, you’ll decide you’re soulmates and start a family together. Would you like to ensure their standard of living with an affordable life insurance policy?”

  • “I see a wealthy relative surprising you with a huge inheritance. Did you know an umbrella policy can protect your valuable new assets if your jealous younger sister decides to sue you, which she will two months later?”

  • “I see you cruising along a scenic highway in a beautiful new BMW Gran Coupe with a 3.0L TwinPower Turbo Inline 6-cylinder engine and the VIN number WBAKF3C5CE975179. Are you ready to pre-shop for auto insurance?”

From there, Mylo works with participating A rated carriers to have the perfect policy waiting as soon as the prediction comes true. Is it possible a Mylo medium will miss the mark? Not likely.

“I’ve gazed into the future, and we have a 100% success rate,” said Jeremy Duane, Director of Psychic Sales.

Mylo will promote their Psi Insurance service wherever audiences embrace supernatural solutions, including the Psychic News Network and Mylo’s soon-to-be-popular social media platform InsurTok.

April Fools!

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