NEW! Mylo launches Virtual Liability insurance for teleworkers

April 1, 2020 - Digital insurance broker Mylo announced today that it will begin offering an important new service for frequent participants of teleconferences: protecting your reputation.

“Virtual meetings through platforms like Zoom and Webex have been a wonderful thing,” said Mylo IT Risk Assessor Brandon Parker. “But they also offer a whole new level of career embarrassment.”

Virtual Liability coverage will pay out if you can prove your reputation as a dignified, respected professional has been damaged by:

Uninvited Guests

If you lose control of your meeting because of the sudden presence of a naked toddler or hungover boyfriend – or unsolicited commentary like “you’re the worst mom in the world," Virtual Liability is here for you. Most policies also cover beloved pets who engage in inappropriate grooming in front of your webcam.

Mute/Unmute Fails

It’s important to mute your voice in a meeting when you’re not speaking. But when you toggle a lot, there’s a surprisingly high risk you’ll forget where you left it. Suppose you’re bored and start singing the opera parts of Bohemian Rhapsody to amuse yourself. You may be able to keep your air guitar under the table, but your colleagues will hear every “mama mia.”

Some carriers will even cover the risk of doing your “hilarious” impression of your manager during your performance review.

Oh No Face

Glitches, it seems, are here to stay. If your face freezes in a weird and unflattering expression for half a minute, you could become a meme instead of a mover and shaker in your organization. Most Virtual Liability policies pay out if at least two coworkers screenshot you. (Check the details of your policy. Some also require postings on a Slack channel.)

Below The Belt

This specialty coverage is only offered in some states. If your laptop screen gets bumped down to reveal that you only dressed for your meeting from the waist up, Virtual Liability may be the only friend you have left.

How do you make a Virtual Liability claim?

If you believed you’ve virtually ruined your reputation, just set up a web conference with a licensed Mylo agent. As long as you sufficiently embarrass yourself, you’re good to go.

Happy April Fools Day!

Mylo is so very proud of our remotely working team and everyone operating from home around the world. We’re also incredibly grateful and inspired by the amazing people who are performing essential services in this uncertain time.

Mylo can’t actually protect our customers from public embarrassment, but we may be able to help you save money and find the best value on your business, auto, home, life and health insurance and other important needs. Contact a licensed Mylo agent for a personalized consultation.

The right coverage for you? Surprisingly simple.