Mylo Marketing Automation Manager Matt Phillip honored as a CX Ambassador

We’re excited to announce that Mylo Marketing Automation Manager Matt Phillip has been selected as a CX Ambassador by GetFeedback by Survey Monkey – the premier platform for collecting, sharing, and acting on customer feedback. This year for the first time, GetFeedback selected 12 exceptional professionals who have made CX (customer experience) the focus of their careers.

A longtime CX champion, Matt was named to this exclusive list because of his results in focusing Mylo on the power of a great customer experience. As a driving force in Mylo’s “CX Squad,” he led the analysis of Mylo’s customer journey (all of the points at which we provide relevant guidance and solutions to people who need insurance), selected the best technology to build an automated data driven program and implemented a process that helps agents turn every customer interaction into an ideal experience.

Find out what drives Matt’s passion for CX and how Mylo’s CX Squad makes sure every customer receives the kindness, respect and expert advice they deserve. Read the article here.

Proving the impact of a passionate team led by an innovative leader, this honor joins five other awards Mylo’s marketing team has earned over three years.

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