Lockton as a Verb: The Future of Insurance with David Embry

We bring Lockton’s heritage of ‘We Live Service’ to small business owners. And we use technology to do it efficiently and make it a personal experience.”

CEO David Embry talks about Mylo’s mission to help small business owners know they've made the right insurance decisions on a new episode of the innovation podcast Lockton as a Verb. David explains how Mylo created original proprietary technology to give consistent insurance answers and personalized solutions to customers … and focused on superior service to keep them coming back. A great listen!

About Lockton as a Verb: This 15- to 25-minute podcast is a dialogue with Lockton’s leaders and experts to make complex ideas approachable. The goal is to educate through storytelling, providing a personal perspective that makes Lockton’s innovations less abstract. Come explore with Christopher Laubenthal, MPA, Data and Visualization Consultant, as he meets with Lockton’s best and brightest to talk about their work, their world and how it all fits together.

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