Should you bundle home and auto insurance? (Hint: yes.)

To bundle or not to bundle, that is the question. Okay, at least in insurance circles.

You’ve made a home for yourself, filled it with your favorite gadgets, treasures and memories … and acquired nice wheels for heading to work or hitting the highway. Did you know you can protect what you’ve built and save money and time by insuring it all through one carrier?

Here's how it works:


You can typically save around 20% if you bundle home and auto insurance. Renters insurance can be included too – as well as vehicles like motorcyles, RVs, and boats. Plus you may save big if you have to make a claim involving several coverage types. Let’s say your house, car, motorcycle and boat are all damaged in a single disaster. (Hey, you're okay, and that's what matters.) Some policy bundles will require you to pay only one deductible instead of 2, 3 or more.


Your time is valuable. And dealing with only one insurer instead of two or more could help you save more of it. Bundling also creates an easier-to-manage budget with a single renewal date and just one bill to pay.


If you already feel good about your insurer, it makes sense to stick with them for additional needs. Knowing you have a proven relationship with the carrier protecting your property can bring you greater peace of mind. And here’s another confidence-booster: “bundlers” are less likely to be dropped by their insurer.


Okay, this one you'll want to do your homework on. You may have high ticket items you want to insure on either your auto or home policy – like an antique car or valuable art. You'll want to bundle with an insurer who specializes in these things, because they can usually give you a better deal and better coverage.

Ask a licensed Mylo agent how bundling (and other discounts) can make your life easier.

The right coverage for you? Surprisingly simple.