Navigate the insurance maze with experts who know the way.

Get the coverage you need today

Health insurance has changed for the better.

NCIA now brings you an easy way to access and shop a range of insurance plans to cover your healthcare needs, including health, accident, dental, Medicare and more.

The NCIAHealthAccess resource is now provided for NCIA members and their employees. This health insurance resource will help you break down the confusion and guide you to the best coverage options with side-by-side pricing comparisons to meet your needs.

And by getting health insurance, you'll not only avoid the 2017 Individual Mandate Penalty, you'll also help us further the NCIA mission of strengthening the cannabis business community and the individuals and families that work in it.

No hoops to jump through. You already have access!

NCIAHealthAccess.com gives you options.

There are hundreds of plans available, and we’ll show you a range of options you can compare side-by-side. We even have a handy calculator that lets you see if you qualify for a health insurance tax credit—and get your amount on the spot.

  1. Health

    A comprehensive health insurance plan is a smart way to stay healthy. Let Mylo help you shop for coverage that matches your needs and your budget.

  2. Dental

    Keep your pearly whites bright and healthy with a flexible dental plan. There's coverage for every need and budget. We’ll walk you through every step.

  3. Vision

    A vision plan can keep your eyes healthy and save you money. Let a Mylo coverage specialist show you a range of clear choices.

  4. Accident

    Before a curve ball comes along, Mylo’s expert guides can find you the coverage you need to stay in the game … and that’s no accident.