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Mylo is Larson's preferred insurance partner for meeting your most important coverage needs. Get expert advice ... then quickly find the best value from multiple top-rated insurers. Sound good?

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As part of the world's largest independent insurance expert, we've been connecting people to the right coverage from trusted carriers for over 50 years.

Keep your business growing. Save money on business insurance without missing out on an important coverage you may need.

Handle medical lawsuits. Be prepared for complaints about your professional work with affordable medical malpractice insurance.

Protect your home and ride. Discover discounts you don't know about, including sweet savings when you bundle home and auto coverage together.

Keep your employees and families healthy. Find the right small group benefits plan for your business ... or a top-rated individual plan for you.

Ready to handle a lawsuit? We can help.

Medical Malpractice insurance protects your great reputation and keeps you in business if a patient isn’t happy with your diagnosis, prescriptions or treatments. Mylo goes beyond finding you the lowest price and makes sure you aren’t missing an important coverage you need.

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It was truly a pleasure to work with Mylo. My agent knew exactly what to do and made the experience seamless! I gave her my info, received excellent quotes, and we bound coverage 1-2-3! I really appreciate Mylo’s knowledge and customized service.
Susan, Raymore, MO
My agent worked very quickly to get me a new quote on car/renters/umbrella policies. Mylo saved me over $500! They were also excellent in helping cancel my existing plan!
Emeka, Lubbock, TX
Mylo did an outstanding job to get me the best home Insurance. My agent went above and beyond in being dedicated and transparent. It was a pleasure to work with him throughout the experience. I would highly recommend Mylo!
Carson, Rochester, MN