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6 Mylo tips for smooth (and surprise-free!) health insurance shopping

When you're choosing a health plan, it's a good idea to have some basic information on hand and do a little thinking about your priorities and preferences.

This should help you out:

1 Have personal info ready.

This one’s easy! Just need your name(s), phone number, email address and mailing address.

2 List physicians and hospitals.

Write down contact info (names, addresses, phone numbers) for the physicians and hospitals you prefer. If you regularly spend time in another state, list your choices in hospitals there, too.

3 Estimate your health expenses.

Make an educated guess on what you’ll spend on doctor, hospital and ER visits in the coming year. (You can “ballpark” it based on last year’s experiences and what you know about your health today.) Then list any prescription drugs you take—along with dose, quantity and current co-pay amount.

4 Determine top priorities.

Based on your needs and preferences, decide which of these insurance features matter the most:

• Co-pay/co-insurance costs
• Annual deductible amount
• Monthly premium cost
• Prescription drug costs
• Coverage for specialized drugs
• Keeping your doctor or specialist
• Coverage away from home / while traveling

5 Factor in your budget.

When you’re figuring out what you can spend on health insurance, be sure to think about:

• How much you have in savings—including health reimbursement accounts (HRA), health savings accounts (HSA), or flexible spending accounts (FSA). You may be able to handle a higher deductible.

• How often you visit your doctor. If the answer is “a lot,” you could benefit from paying a higher premium … in exchange for lower co-pays for office visits.

• What you spent on health care last year. High recurring costs like prescription drugs could help you determine the kind of coverage you want.

6 Chat with an expert.

Mylo has super knowledgeable (friendly too!) licensed insurance agents who look forward to answering any questions you have and guiding you to a plan that will fit your needs—and your budget.

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