You can't go wrong with accident insurance.

Hold onto your hard-earned savings after a serious injury with an affordable accident policy.

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Before accidents happen … we can help!

Your current health or disability plan may not pick up all of the costs if you’re seriously injured in an accident. Accident insurance can be a smart supplement to handle the unexpected. So even if you’re on the bench … you’ve still got game.

  • Supplements your health plan
  • Covers medical and non-medical expenses (like lost wages)
  • Types of covered accidents vary by policy
  • You can file a claim immediately after an accident

Mylo helps you shop affordable accident policies from top carriers and make the best decision for you and your family.

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Fast facts about accident insurance
It depends on your injury and the kind of treatment you receive. Usually a set amount for specific injuries and treatments.
This varies by plan, but most accident insurance covers falls, fractures, dislocations, concussions and many other kinds of injuries, as well as providing benefits for accidental deaths.
Definitely. Your spouse and kids can enroll for coverage on your policy if you have coverage for yourself.
The right coverage? Surprisingly simple.