Why accident insurance?

Because life throws curveballs.

Before accidents happen ... Mylo can help.

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Accident insurance works for you when you need it most.

No matter how careful you are, you can’t always prevent accidents. But you can control how well you’re protected if something unexpected happens. Like holding on to your hard-earned savings after a serious injury.

An accident insurance plan can supplement your existing health and disability plan and cover your medical and non-medical expenses—even lost wages—after an injury.

Finding the right one is easy—just check out our video.

So even if you’re on the bench … you’ve still got game.

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What accident insurance can do for you:

  1. Cover medical costs and more

    Manage high out-of-pocket expenses by supplementing your medical and disability plan.

  2. No waiting period for claims

    Delays? No way. You can immediately file a claim after an accident.

  3. Cover the whole family

    Cover your spouse and kids too (if they live with you) when you cover yourself.

Our expert guides are the best around. No accident.

Mylo can guide you to the smartest protection before an accident strikes—a comprehensive accident insurance plan. With the right policy, you can be covered for medical, non-medical and out-of-pocket expenses after an injury. Plus, there's no waiting period to file a claim.

You can check out plans that cover medical treatment … provide lifelong coverage for a permanent injury ... or even have no caps on payouts.

A friendly expert guide (fortunately, we know a few of those!) can lead you to the best plan for your needs.

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  • It depends on your injury and the kind of treatment you receive. Usually a set amount for specific injuries and treatments.

  • This varies by plan, but most accident insurance covers accidental death and dismemberment, falls, fractures, dislocations, concussions and many other kinds of injuries.

  • Definitely. Your spouse and kids can enroll for coverage as long as you have coverage for yourself.

Top 3 reasons to choose Mylo

  1. Experience

    We’ve got this thing down. We’re one of the world’s largest independent insurance brokers, connecting people to affordable, top-rated plans for over 50 years.

    When it comes to comprehensive coverage, no one has more know-how or a better track record than Mylo.

  2. Guidance

    We’re an independent, unbiased insurance broker. (Translation: we don’t sell our own plans.) We sort through plans for you and narrow them down to the best combo of comprehensive coverage and competitive price. Then we give you an objective recommendation.

    So you get coverage that’s best for you, not us.

  3. Convenience

    Mylo lets you skip the maze and go straight to the best selection of top-rated insurance coverage options around. You can shop and compare online 24/7 in one convenient place.

    Have a question? A super-knowledgeable Mylo agent is a quick call away.

The right coverage? Surprisingly simple!

Want to spend less time and effort chasing down the right options for each of your insurance needs? Mylo has a fast, friendly and free solution. We’ve gathered together a wide range of affordable plans in one easy-to-navigate spot.

So now you can call off the hunt … and use your “you time” for you.


    Mylo can find a plan in a pinch to cover out-of-the-blue accidents or illnesses with big medical bills.


    Mylo takes the tricky out of choosing a health plan, guiding you to the right coverage for you and your budget.


    Protect your pearly whites and avoid problems down the line by letting Mylo guide you to the brightest choices in plans.


    Mylo can help keep your eyes healthy and lenses affordable by bringing the best coverage for you into sharp focus.