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  1. Health

    Mylo takes the tricky out of shopping for a plan to defray the high cost of health care, guiding you to the right coverage for you and your budget.

  2. Vision

    Mylo can help keep your eyes healthy and your lenses affordable by bringing the best coverage for you into sharp focus.

  3. Dental

    Keep your pearly whites bright and prevent oral problems down the line by letting Mylo guide you to the brightest choices in dental plans.

  4. Accident

    Before a curve ball comes along, Mylo's expert guides can find you the coverage you need to stay in the game ... and that's no accident.

After 50 years, we know who’s the best.

We've been connecting people to affordable top-rated plans for 50 years. We’re an independent and unbiased broker. (Translation: we don’t sell our own plans.) Because of our proven track record, we get to partner with the most trustworthy and top-rated insurance carriers around.

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In this day of computer generated voicemails and automation it was a delight to work with Mylo during open enrollment. My dedicated Mylo agent was professional, helpful and thorough in answering my many questions about health insurance. Her work ethic and personal conviction to help find the right policy for me was completely commendable.

- Mary, Ballwin, MO

Mylo is easy to use. The system clearly walked me through the process and I actually understood the insurance I purchased. It was painless and I had a plan in about 3 minutes.

- Rachel, Overland Park, KS