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Made the whole process easy and pleasant
Mylo was great. My agent was so helpful in answering my questions. She explained my coverage options and what everything meant. Mylo made the whole process easy and pleasant.
Amy, Atlanta, GA
Switched and saved $4,000/year
I've been with another carrier for years but ended up switching all of our policies after Mylo shopped them. We will literally save almost $4,000/yr. Mylo made the whole process incredible—MUCH APPRECIATED!!
Rachel, Belton, TX
Got the best deal possible with Mylo
My agent was my favorite part of working with Mylo. She was very professional and kind. I really felt like she got me the best deal that I could get. I really appreciate her.
Sonya, Baton Rouge, LA
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CoolSys selected Mylo to make it easy for employees to find the right insurance coverage at the best value.

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We built a one-stop shop with the best options from leading carriers

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