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You keep your business in great shape.

And Mylo can help you protect it because we understand the unique needs you have as a fitness club owner. We can guide you to the most affordable ways to safeguard your business – so you don’t miss out on any protection you need.

For starters, we’ll show you what kinds of coverage are typical for the 34,000 fitness club owners in the US today. And when you’re ready, we can customize a plan specifically for you.

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All we need to get started

Because you're a fitness club owner ...
We think you'll need:
  • BOP

    You’ll want to be prepared if someone is hurt in your space – or if your studio, bars or other equipment are damaged (which could mean a lot of lost income.)

    Business Owners Policy

    A money-saving combo of 3 important policies – General Liability, Property and Business Interruption insurance. Covers bodily injury and property damage caused by your business and lawsuits related to your communications. Also helps replace lost property and cover lost work time.

  • PL

    You're at risk for being sued by members who believe they were given poor instruction that may have led to injury.

    Professional Liability

    Protects you from handling the entire cost of defending against a complaint about your service or work. Sometimes called Errors and Omissions.

  • WC

    Most states legally require you to cover your employees for injuries on the job.

    Workers' Compensation

    Provides lost wages and medical benefits to your employees injured on the job.

  • SC

    It’s a good idea for fitness clubs to carry sexual abuse liability coverage in case an instructor is accused of inappropriate behavior.

    Specialty Coverage (for fitness club owners)

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What might you pay?

Because fitness club owners need different kinds of insurance (depending on their physical space, amount of property, number of employees and more), their overall costs will vary. But here's a ballpark. Based on a sampling of fitness club owners, covering a business like yours usually ranges from $569 to $2,503 annually. Mylo can help you find an affordable package where you only pay for the coverage you need. (Nothing more, nothing less.)

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  1. Experience

    We're part of Lockton, the world’s largest independent insurance broker, connecting people to top-rated plans for 50+ years. We're pros at knowing what your business needs.

  2. Guidance

    Our friendly licensed agents screen top-rated plans from the most trusted providers around - and guide you to the best combo of comprehensive coverage and affordable price.

  3. Convenience

    You save serious time and effort by comparing a wide range of plans tailored to you in one convenient place. Call us to see how surprisingly easy it can be!