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You're caring for a great business.

Mylo can help you protect it because we understand the specific needs you have as a lawn and garden care expert. We guide you to the most affordable ways to keep your business in the green – so you don't miss out on any coverage you need.

For starters, we'll show you what kinds of coverage are typical for the 474,237 lawn and garden care businesses in the US today. And when you're ready, we can customize a plan specifically for you.

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Because you're a landscaper ...
We think you'll need
  • GL

    You'll want to be able to handle the expense if you accidentally damage someone else's property while you're working on their grounds.

    General Liability

    Covers you for bodily injury or property damage connected to your day-to-day operations or the property you own.

  • IM

    You regularly use lawnmowers, outdoor power tools and other expensive equipment.

    Inland Marine

    Oddball name, awesome policy. Covers you for the loss of important equipment you need to do your job.

  • WC

    Many states legally require you to cover your employees for injuries on the job. Also helps you head off lawsuits.

    Workers' Compensation

    Provides lost wages and medical benefits to your employees injured on the job.

  • CA

    You use vehicles to get to job sites. You're legally required to cover them for any injury or property damage they may cause.

    Commercial Auto

    Covers vehicles used by your company if they cause bodily injury or property damage. Also covers any landscaping vehicle that's attached to your car.

  • SC

    You'll want to know you're covered if you work with herbicides and pesticides that may pollute or cause health issues.

    Specialty Coverage (Landscapers only)

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Top 3 reasons to choose Mylo:

  1. Experience

    We're part of Lockton, the world’s largest independent insurance broker, connecting people to top-rated plans for 50+ years. We're pros at knowing what your business needs.

  2. Guidance

    Our friendly licensed agents screen top-rated plans from the most trusted providers around - and guide you to the best combo of comprehensive coverage and affordable price.

  3. Convenience

    You save serious time and effort by comparing a wide range of plans tailored to you in one convenient place. Call us to see how surprisingly easy it can be!