KC Business Journal: Mylo sees opportunity in Lincoln Financial Group financial planning partnership

Kansas City-based Mylo formed a partnership to provide property and casualty insurance services to customers at Lincoln Financial Group, hoping it leads to similar agreements with other financial partners.

“If you think about it from a financial adviser perspective, if someone manages your assets like your 401(k), mutual funds, bonds, etc., the one thing they typically don’t have is someone who can advise you on your home and car and protecting the physical assets that you have,” Mylo CEO David Embry told the Kansas City Business Journal. “Broadly speaking, that’s what we’re doing for them. We want to be the insurance provider for financial planning companies that are focused on other things but still want to offer asset protection.”

“These people aren’t necessarily low-price shoppers,” Mylo CMO Monica Wilkens said. “What they care about is customer service and working with a carrier that is going to provide a good claims experience and a good shopping experience. They have high expectations, and we’ve done really well with all of that. So financial planners can trust us to take that piece off their plate and handle all those needs.”

Read more about Mylo and the Lincoln Financial platform from James Dornbrook in the the Kansas City Business Journal.[...]

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