3 insurance tips for your holiday road trip

Over the hills and down the road to grandma's house you go! (Or some other exciting place. Your call.) The holidays are a time to be holly and jolly, but unfortunately accidents don't always take a break. The last thing you want is to spend this festive season stranded with your family. The good news is the right insurance policy will make sure you have what you need to get to your fave holiday hangout!

So be sure to check out 3 things about your auto insurance to ensure a smooth and stress-free trip:

1) Does your policy cover your co-pilot?

Insurance follows the car, not the driver. This means that most (but not all) policies will cover your spouse (or child - lucky you!) who plans to share the driving! BUT you’ll need to list your spouse, kids and other roomies on your policy if you want them covered. If you don't, most policies exclude people who are likely to drive your car frequently, including members of your household, unless they're listed.

2) Will your roadside service get you where you need to go?

Most (but not all) policies pay for tow service in the event of an accident. But many have limits on how many miles they’ll tow you. So make sure your policy will pay to get your car where it needs to go if you’re miles from civilization. Some policies also have designated service areas for roadside service. When you leave town, you could be leaving your service area – and risking a less-than-pleasant tow bill.

3) How much car rental coverage do you have?

If you chose to add rental coverage when you purchased your policy, we have great news! Even if an accident wasn’t your fault, your insurance company will most likely pay for your car rental until a liability decision is made. So you won’t be stuck paying out-of-pocket until someone else’s company pays your claim. But you do have limits. Make sure you know how much your policy will pay per day and per accident.

One more thing to keep an eye on: the extra fees a car rental company may charge you for driving long distances, dropping off at another location, or upgrading to a larger vehicle. (That could mean you have to skip the hotel and stay with family to fit the trip into your budget!)

And here’s one interesting fact that will ease your road trip concerns:

If you travel to a state with higher minimum insurance requirements than you have, your coverage will increase as soon as you cross the state line! (Note: not actually a recommended way to plan your route.)

It’s important to travel smart and be prepared. If you’re unsure whether your insurance is sufficient, you can always call the helpful, friendly agents at Mylo! We look forward to helping you out, even if you just want advice.

Or look around our site to learn more about Mylo and compare instant online quotes!

The right coverage for you? Surprisingly simple.