A message and resources on coronavirus for our Mylo community

As your advocate in protecting what matters through every stage of business and life, we wanted to let you know how Mylo is approaching the coronavirus situation and ensuring we can deliver the best guidance for your current and future insurance needs.

Meeting your needs while protecting our associates

To ensure the safety of our associates, Mylo has moved to an entirely remote workforce through April 30th. As a digital agency with a foundation of advanced technology, our business is already set up to serve customers from anywhere and be fully prepared for situations like this. You can be certain our licensed advisors are equipped with the same technology that allows them to identify the best protections for a wide range of your insurance needs, including car, home, business, life, individual health and small group benefits. As always, our commitment to giving you a great experience remains unchanged.

Expert resources on coronavirus for business owners

We're fortunate to hear the stories of so many business owners, so we know how much of yourselves you've invested in what you're building. We know this time of uncertainty comes on top of the many challenges you already face every day when you're growing a company.

As part of the largest independent insurance broker in the world, we’re able to tap into a wealth of information, experts and strategic advice from Lockton and share this with our customers who are building and growing businesses. Lockton is a global company that serves clients in more than 100 countries worldwide. They established a Coronavirus Advisory Practice comprised of subject matter experts and created a Coronavirus Resource Center which is being updated around the clock with a host of new materials to help you, including:

  • A webcast on the coronavirus which was attended by over 4,000 companies last week. You can replay the webcast or review the slides. Highlights include:
  • Clinical considerations of the coronavirus and the potential impact on employee health plans
  • Guidance on human resources policies and employment law topics
  • What companies should do in the event of business interruption
  • Potential liability risks your business might face
  • Heightened cybersecurity concerns
  • Guidance regarding employee 401(k) concerns, given the current market volatility
  • A quick crisis communications overview to put employers in a strong position to address employee concerns in times of uncertainty

In addition, if you haven’t checked out the Small Business Administration's guidelines or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines for business owners, we recommend you do so.

We value you as a customer

Thanks you again for choosing Mylo for your insurance. We will continue to update you and recommend resources as this situation evolves. We wish you, your business, your family and your community the best of health and safety in the coming weeks.

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