What is commercial insurance?
Dodge bankruptcy – stay in business

Commercial insurance is designed to help businesses afford costly lawsuits and other surprise expenses that could close them down. Questions to ask:

  • Do I sell products?

  • Rent or own a building?

  • Have the cash to handle a lawsuit?

A [business owner’s policy] (https://choosemylo.com/business/product-business-owners-policy) saves you money by combining several types of insurance in one package. It covers your property if it’s damaged by fire, theft or vandalism and also pays legal costs if your business causes accidental harm.

  • Am I hiring?

Workers’ comp insurance provides benefits to your employees if they’re injured on the job. And it protects you from employee lawsuits. (Required in most states if you have employees.)

  • Do I have business vehicles?

Commercial auto insurance covers your legal costs if any vehicles driven for work purposes cause damage to others or their property. (Required in most states if you have business vehicles.)

  • Do I perform a professional service?

[Professional liability] (https://choosemylo.com/business/product-professional-liability) insurance covers your legal costs if a client isn’t happy with your work, whether you’re an attorney, photographer, cosmetician or other professional.

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