What kind of insurance does a restaurant need?
Ready to handle grease fires and dissatisfied customers?

Restaurant owners have specific risks that could close their kitchens without the right insurance coverage.

As a starting point, you’ll want to look into:

  • Property insurance

Helps you repair or replace your building, equipment or furnishings if they’re damaged by fire, theft or other not-so-fun situations.

Required by many contracts! Covers you if you’re sued by someone who gets hurt in your restaurant – like slipping on a spilled soda and faceplanting on your floor.

  • Product liability insurance

Covers you if you’re sued by a customer who has a bad reaction to your food after leaving your restaurant – like biting into a foreign object in their take-out.

Pays for your employees’ medical expenses and lost wages if they’re injured in your kitchen – which also shields you from employee lawsuits.

Depending on your restaurant, you may also need cyber insurance because you take credit cards, crime insurance because you’re vulnerable to employee theft, and liquor liability insurance because you may serve alcohol to a customer who causes harm afterwards.

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