What kind of insurance do I need for an online retail shop?
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Can you handle a cyber breach or delivery disaster?

Online retailers have specific risks that could crash their operations if they’re not protected with the right business insurance.

As a starting point, you’ll want to look into:

  • Cyber insurance

You take credit cards and store confidential info. If you’re breached, this lets you rebuild your network, notify and compensate customers and pay for PR.

  • Transportation insurance

A product you’re shipping to a customer could be lost, damaged or stolen on the way to their doorstep. This helps you repair or replace it.

  • Property insurance

You may sell physical products that could be damaged by fire, theft and other surprises. This helps you repair or replace your inventory.

  • Product liability insurance

A customer could become ill or injured using a product you sell that was manufactured by someone else. This helps you handle the legal costs.

Depending on your business, you may need other coverages that will help you keep customers clicking “Buy Now.”

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