What is business consultant insurance?
The right insurance is a smart business decision

Business consultants have specific risks that could derail their opportunities to give expert guidance to their clients.

As a starting point, you’ll want to look into:

Covers the cost of a lawsuit if a client claims they lost money or made bad decisions because of your advice.

Required by most contracts! Covers you if you cause accidental damages – like knocking over a latte on a client’s laptop or breaking an expensive piece of their décor.

Cyber insurance

Covers you if your client’s financial or proprietary company information is stolen in a data breach and you have to replace your system, compensate your client and pay for PR.

Commercial auto

Covers damages you may cause to others while driving your company-owned vehicle (or personal car) on the way to meet a client.

Your consulting business may have other specialized needs. Consult with us first to protect the superior service you provide to clients.

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