What's the best general liability insurance for small businesses?
Could your business afford a lawsuit?

General liability coverage helps you handle the legal fallout if your company causes a personal injury or damages someone else's property. The high cost of a lawsuit can bankrupt a small business with 250 or fewer employees.

You're covered for lawsuits if you harm somebody with your:

  • Continuing operations: That means the work you regularly do. Do you install computers? That's a "continuing op."

  • Products and completed operations: The products you sell or jobs you've finished. The computer you left behind is a "completed op."

  • Personal and advertising injury: Words and images used to promote your business. If another company claims you stole their copyrighted slogan, that's an "advertising injury."

Pro tip: Many small business owners save money with a Business Owners Policy that provides general liability and property coverage - which helps you repair or replace damaged, stolen, or lost business property.

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