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It seems so complex at first. You want to protect the people who matter the most to you ... but figuring out the right coverage for your life stage and budget can take serious time and effort.

Mylo takes the tricky out. As part of the world's largest independent insurance expert, we've been connecting people to top coverage for over 50 years. With Mylo, you can quickly compare top options from trusted providers.

Our friendly licensed agents know how to cut through the confusion and guide you to a decision that you and your loved ones can trust.

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The best life insurance options ... in one convenient place.

Term Life covers you for a specific time period. The most affordable option if you're young and need a lot of coverage (for instance, starting a family).

Whole Life Provides a guaranteed cash benefit at the time of your death for a rate that's affordable now - and won't increase as you grow older.

Universal Life Similar to Whole Life, but also adds a savings plan. You can use the cash you earn to help pay your premium.

Accidental Death When added to your primary life insurance policy, doubles the benefits paid out for deaths caused by an accident. (Can also be purchased by itself.)

And more. Finding the coverage that makes sense for you is easy. Just chat with a licensed insurance expert.

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Top 3 reasons to choose Mylo

  1. Experience

    We're part of Lockton, the world's largest the world’s largest independent insurance broker, connecting people to top-rated plans for 50+ years.

  2. Guidance

    Our friendly licensed agents screen top plans from trusted providers – and guide you to the best combo of comprehensive coverage and affordable price.

  3. Convenience

    You save serious time and effort by comparing a range of plans tailored to you in one place. Call us to see how surprisingly easy it can be!